Oaks Halloween Walk 2009

For this year's edition the Park Oak Drive portion of the of the Oaks' Halloween Walk was closed to traffic - a first for this event. Hundreds and hundreds of kids, many as little as one year old, and all their parents and grandparents were filling Park Oak Drive for several blocks on Halloween Night and nobody had to worry about cars. It was great -- all the trick or treaters' parents really enjoyed having the street closed off and appreciated not having to look out for traffic for the first time. Street Services sent two officers who blocked off each end of Park Oak Drive with their City cars and stood patrol -- in the friendliest, nicest way.

Having the street closed made it almost like a block party and the whole neighborhood turned out. A lot of us ran into people we hadn't seen in months. And an amazing amount of candy was handed out, too.

The Oaks HOA will look into repeating the the street closure for next year's Halloween Walk. If you have any thoughts about that, we would certainly like to hear them. Contact any boardmember to share them with us.

Here is a collection of photos from this years Halloween Walk. Can you spot the Bento Box? Hint: It's an ensemble costume!

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