Flooding in Bronson Canyon
By Alexander von Wechmar

Thousands of gallons of water came gushing down the hillside at the end of Locksley Place this past Thursday morning (11/12/09) turning the street into an alpine river.

The source, according to Anthony Logston, an inspector of the Department of Public Works, who came out to investigate the problem, was a broken water supply line on Hollyridge Drive. A work crew of a private contractor, who has been hired by the LADWP to upgrade the street lighting on Hollyridge, had accidentally cut a main water supply pipe.

As to be expected, the drainage system on the hillside was totally overwhelmed by the huge amounts of water, and it certainly did not help that one of the drainage pipes there is clogged. As a result, most of the water found other ways to rush downhill. Everybody now hopes that it did not compromise the stability of the hillside.

The Department of Sanitation has promised to send out a crew next week to have the clogged pipes cleaned out.

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