Planning Department Schedules March 2nd Community Meeting for Proposed Oaks Hillside Regulations

Much effort went into the creation of the Oaks Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) which helps curb out-of-scale development in our neighborhood. Oaks residents strongly rallied around the fundamental principles of preserving the character of our neighborhood. Supported by our Council District and crafted by professionals in the City's Planning Department, little opposition surfaced, and most residents rejoiced at the ordinance's passage. As these regulations are on the books for only a maximum of two years, the focus now has shifted to assisting the Planning Department in its effort to develop an Oaks Hillside Ordinance, tailored to Oaks particular needs, which is will be implemented for permanency.

Since October, volunteers from the Oaks have been meeting regularly with City Planning Department staff to give input on priorities for future development regulations designed to preserve the unique character of the Oaks neighborhood. Those who have participated in these 'focus group' meetings include Oaks board members Bob Young and Gerry Hans, as well as architect and board advisor Wayne Schlock. Many others provided guidance and ideas at these workshops as well, including a realtor, representatives of Hollywood United and Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Councils, architects, a resident attorney and concerned neighbors.

The current ICO uses a very simple calculation for finding the allowable size for a home or an addition. It has always been the expectation that the permanent regulations will take into account more variables such as set-backs, slope-based criteria, and grading requirements. Nonetheless, it has been the strong desire of the participating Oaks residents that the regulations remain clear, focused and easy to understand.

The Planning Department has now announced that it is ready to meet with Oaks residents at large for a meeting on March 2nd at Immaculate Heart High School This meeting should not be confused with the Oaks Homeowners Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for the following week on Tuesday, the 10th. A pdf version of the invite, which all Oaks residents should also receive in the mail, is here.

It's important that voices from our community be heard. We ask you to attend and participate in this workshop which is part of the Planning Department's sincere effort for outreach to the residents of The Oaks!

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