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About Us

The Oaks Neighborhood Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Los Feliz Oaks neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. We seek to help our community thrive: to provide forums where neighbors can meet neighbors, to advocate with our elected local and state officials, to work for general security and safety, and to promote and protect the natural splendor with which The Oaks is blessed. Above all, our intent is to bridge gaps and foster a feeling of community.

Our boundaries are Fern Dell Drive on the east, Foothill Drive to the south, both sides of Canyon Drive to the west, and Griffith Park to the north. Please see our maps below.

We are a volunteer organization with no paid staff. Residents of approximately seven hundred homes in our area pay dues to the Oaks Neighborhood Association. With that money we publish several newsletters each year, inform members of important local issues, prepare and hang appropriate signs for the neighborhood, and fund various neighborhood events. These include an annual meeting, our famous Summer Picnic, Halloween Walk, our Holiday Party in December, as well as other events of local interest.

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Please let us know how we can better serve the needs of our neighbors. We know we live in a special neighborhood, and work to share that with all those who call The Oaks their home.

Find out how to join The Oaks Neighborhood Association here.

Oaks Maps

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Oaks Boundary.png
About Us: About Us
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