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2021 Community News


Encampments in Griffith Park

July 30, 2021


Welcome to our new Council District Field Deputy

July 30, 2021

Sarah Tanberg, our field deputy for the last seven months has departed for a new position and Helene Rotolo has stepped in, as of July 19th. Helene began her career in the Office of the City Administrative Officer under the City’s Homeless Coordinator. After spending time with the Department of City Planning at the Development Services Center, she returned to the CAO to continue her work in homelessness. Most recently, Helene has been a project coordinator for the Mayor’s A Bridge Home program, overseeing feasibility analysis, construction budgets and contract negotiations for 20 shelter projects, including two in CD4. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Cal State Long Beach.
Direct line: 213-999-1078


Security Concerns Still Require Residents' Attention

July 30, 2021

Brent McGuyre is our new Captain at LAPD’s Hollywood Division. He has let us know that the front desk at The Hollywood Division has reopened. 

Robberies are up in the area as well as vehicle thefts and burglaries from vehicles. As always, Captain McGuyre reminds Oaks residents: do not leave keys in your car, do not leave your car running, and don’t leave anything inside your car.  We have had issues with transients in the neighborhood trespassing into people’s yards. We have also had issues with a couple of transients exposing themselves to neighbors in and around The Oaks.  Party houses continue to be an issue in the neighborhood. We have been working to alleviate the problem but it is an uphill battle. Please be vigilant in calling the police and reporting to Airbnb (if it is an Airbnb). Also, let the HOA know so that we can keep a record of the incidents.If you are a victim of a crime always report it to the police. The more we report the better chance we have of receiving more police patrols.

Recently, a white male transient on a bicycle has vandalized cars on Foothill between Bronson and Canyon. There have been three incidents, the latest being Tuesday night, July 27th, around 11:00pm.

To file a police report online: There is a box in the online form that asks “Do you have photo, video, evidence.” Click “NO” or you will be kicked out of the system. Then email our Senior Lead Officer, Heather Mata at with your photo evidence. You can also email the Hollywood station at for any non emergency questions. This email is monitored 24 hours a day.

LAPD Non-emergency line 877-ASK-LAPD

Consider purchasing a No Trespassing sign for your property. The Oaks HOA has signs available for $40 cash or check. To purchase a sign email

For the latest Hollywood crime statistics click here:


Encampments at Gower Underpass/Carlos Avenue/Bronson Overpass

July 30, 2021

While these areas are technically in Council District 13 (Mitch O’Farrell’s district), the Oaks Board has been communicating with District 13, District 4, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, and L.A. social services for over a year about the encampments which have been growing in size and reporting increased criminal activity. We have repeatedly asked for reports as to how many people have been helped out of the encampments and into supportive or permanent housing, when the Care+ Cleanups will commence, and how the area can be kept under control. We fully believe that the only long-term solution to the homeless crisis is affordable housing and supportive housing, but we continue to insist on action in the immediate-term to remedy the inhumane living conditions and make our streets clean and safe again for residents both housed and unhoused.  In the next two weeks, the members of the HOA’s homelessness task force will be meeting with newly appointed homelessness staff at Council Office 4 and Council Office 13. 
We’ll report back to you on what we learn.


Beachwood Gate Petition

July 30, 2021

A group of Beachwood Canyon residents has started a petition drive to reopen pedestrian access to Griffith Park through the now-closed gate at the north end of Beachwood Drive. We support increased access to our great Park for all residents and all visitors to the City. We agree with our Beachwood neighbors that the gate at the end of Beachwood Drive should be open, not closed to pedestrians. 


If you’d like to sign the Beachwood Canyon petition, here’s a link where you can read the petition (it’s only ten words long), sign it online, and submit it to the Beachwood Canyon group. 

fern dell.jpg

Feasibility Study of Fern Dell Water Recapture Project

May 27, 2021

The Oaks Homeowners Association Board met recently with Gerry Hans of the Friends of Griffith Park to hear about an application FoGP is making to the County for funding for a feasibility study of a major water recapture and reuse system for Fern Dell. We think the project has great value for the City and our neighborhood as we try to manage our water resources in this time of drought. We thought you would appreciate learning about this project, too, and so we asked FoGP if we could show you their presentation on the project. At this point, of course, all that’s being discussed is funding for a feasibility study to determine if the project could actually accomplish its goals. But you’ll see that it’s a very ambitious and inventive plan. Here’s the proposal from Friends of Griffith Park:

Fern Dell Technical Resource Grant Friends of Griffith Park (FoGP) has focused much attention on historic Fern Dell, a jewel within Griffith Park. Advanced planning began with a Cultural Landscape Assessment and was followed with an extensive evaluation of existing conditions and revitalization planning, incorporating historic experts, landscape architects, and engineers. Some improvements are already being executed: the pedestrian bridge, wrought-iron fencing, faux bois repairs, and plantings.  

The big problem, though, is the little amount of natural water in Fern Dell creek and no water at all in the upper reaches for most of the year. When it rains, water flows down Western Canyon, Red Oak Drive, and Black Oak Drive, entering storm drains. The storm water overburdens the Hyperion Treatment Plant and flows uselessly into the ocean. Southern California’s drought is the new normal and we cannot afford to waste water. Also, the paths, walls, and water features such as the grottos, a waterfall, and cascading pools all need to be repaired. 

This is why FoGP is applying for a Los Angeles County Measure W (The Safe, Clean Water Act) Technical Resources Grant of $300,000 to analyze:

  • Storm water capture using permeable paving in the parking lot.     

  • Filtering run-off water and channeling it into the creek.     

  • Capturing the storm water from Red Oak, Black Oak, and Fern Dell Drives and cleaning it.     

  • Upgrading the upper detention basin valve and spillway.     

  • Re-establishing the recirculation system to send water back to the top of the Dell, and for possible irrigation use in lieu of City water.      

  • Sizing the required underground water reservoir to hold water until needed.     

  • Rehabilitating at least some of the structural features of the Fern Dell trail, consistent with its historic status. 

If the Technical Resources application is accepted, it will put Friends of Griffith Park in the queue for design study and construction funding in subsequent Measure W grant cycles. Measure W also could provide the funding for continuing operation and maintenance costs of the system. 

Here is a link to the entire presentation on the proposal:

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