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The Oaks Safety & Security Tips


  1. Hire a security service

    • Consider signing up for the ACS patrol service. One ACS car currently patrols The Oaks 24/7 because many neighbors are already customers. ACS officers are armed and respond to calls in minutes, and the patrol service includes extras such as vacation watch.

    • ACS: 310-435-6943

    • Website:

  2. Strategic lighting 

    • Light up your driveway

    • Make sure your front doors are well lit at night

    • Keep porch lights on all night

  3. Install security cameras through Ring, ACS, etc. Position the camera so that you get a frontal photo of anyone at your front door.

  4. Install motion detector lights around your property that will turn on if someone approaches

  5. Walk with a friend - there’s safety in numbers. Walk with your dog, and be aware of your surroundings. Avoid being on your phone. Consider not wearing expensive jewelry, watches, purses, and sneakers that may attract attention

  6. Secure your home - lock your doors, lock all gates, and exterior access points. Do not hide a key under your door mat

  7. Secure garage doors and parked cars, and do not leave valuables inside vehicles, whether they are visible or not

  8. Trim trees and shrubs to eliminate hiding places that might attract either cars or potential offenders

  9. Take time to meet your neighbors. Watch out for each other

  10. Get to know our LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO), Heather Mata

  11. Plan for what you would do if there’s someone unwanted at your door, or if you are confronted by someone. Check ID cards before letting unknown service people into your home

  12. Talk to your neighbors. Let them know if you are going out of town so that if they see someone at your home, they will know it’s not you; you can do the same for them. Alert ACS that you are out of town, as well, for extra dispatches to your property

  13.  Order and display one of our Oaks "No Trespassing" signs which post the legalities needed to warn or apprehend trespassers. These attractive signs are $45 each and available here. You will also need to email a “No Trespassing Arrest Agreement” on an annual basis to our SLO Heather Mata at



  1. In cases of robbery, do not resist. No personal property is worth your life. Call 911, then call ACS or other private security service, make sure to keep your security company's dispatch number handy in case of emergency.

    • ACS Dispatch is 310-475-9016

  2. Report suspicious activity to our SLO Heather Mata at 213-308-0455 or to the non-emergency number for LAPD: 1-877-ASK-LAPD (1-877-275-5273)

  3. Do not enter your home if you see signs of forced entry. Call 911 and your security company immediately.

  4. Be aware if someone is following you. Go to a well-lit area if you are walking or, if driving, drive to the closest police station. Our closest station is on Wilcox Ave.



  • Immediate life-threatening situation: Police, Fire or medical emergency: 9-1-1

  • Non emergency situations:

  • LAPD SLO Heather Mata: 213-308-0455,

  • ACS Dispatch: 310-475-9016

  • Parking enforcement (blocked driveway, parking violation, etc): 818-374-4823

  • Traffic control (signal light out): 213-485-4184

  • Dept. of Water & Power: 800-342-5397

  • Other City issues: 3-1-1 or

Web Links: Community Amenities
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