Join or Renew your Membership

No matter whether you are just joining The Oaks or whether you a renewing member, there are two convenient ways to pay your annual membership dues: you can use your credit card and pay online, or you can mail us your check.

Not sure that The Oaks Neighborhood Association deserves your support? Find a list of very good reasons to join or renew in our 2022 dues letter.

  • 2022 Membership

    Valid for one year
    • Recurring Membership

      Every year
      Auto-renewed yearly
      • 2022 Donation w/Gift

        Includes $45 annual dues
        Valid for one year
        • Thank you gift of an Oaks License Plate Frame


      Or Pay by Check:

      Write a check for $45.00 for an annual household membership, payable to The Oaks Homeowners Association, or send $100 and receive our thank-you gift of a special Oaks Homeowners Association license plate frame, designed by a local artist, and mail it to:

      The Oaks Homeowners Association
      P.O. Box 29155
      Los Angeles, CA 90029-0155