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The MyLA311 App is a key to unlocking City services

Have you downloaded the MyLA311 app onto your phone yet?

The MyLA311 app connects you directly to city agencies and services so that you can report problems like poorly-maintained streets, abandoned houses, broken streetlights, bulky item pick-up, graffiti to be removed, nuisance barking dogs, illegal construction, gas-powered leaf blower violations, water waste and other topics. The MyLA311 app is a direct connection with the city and allows you to avoid waiting for hours on hold to connect with city personnel.

Just download the MyLA311 app to your phone or tablet. From there simply follow the prompts to select the type of service request you want to make. MyLA311 will report back to you in a few days as to the status of your request.

If you feel that your request for service is more urgent or you think that the city is not responding expeditiously, you can contact our new field deputy at CD4, Josef Siroky (at Let Josef know the nature of your request and when you filed your report at MyLA311. Josef will check in with the appropriate city agency to see when and how they plan to deal with your reported problem.

Let us at the Neighborhood Association know if you have a good experience or a bad experience with MyLA311. We’d like to know if city services are working for residents of the city.



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