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Security Concerns Still Require Residents' Attention

July 30, 2021

Brent McGuyre is our new Captain at LAPD’s Hollywood Division. He has let us know that the front desk at The Hollywood Division has reopened. 

Robberies are up in the area as well as vehicle thefts and burglaries from vehicles. As always, Captain McGuyre reminds Oaks residents: do not leave keys in your car, do not leave your car running, and don’t leave anything inside your car.  We have had issues with transients in the neighborhood trespassing into people’s yards. We have also had issues with a couple of transients exposing themselves to neighbors in and around The Oaks.  Party houses continue to be an issue in the neighborhood. We have been working to alleviate the problem but it is an uphill battle. Please be vigilant in calling the police and reporting to Airbnb (if it is an Airbnb). Also, let the HOA know so that we can keep a record of the incidents.If you are a victim of a crime always report it to the police. The more we report the better chance we have of receiving more police patrols.

Recently, a white male transient on a bicycle has vandalized cars on Foothill between Bronson and Canyon. There have been three incidents, the latest being Tuesday night, July 27th, around 11:00pm.

To file a police report online: There is a box in the online form that asks “Do you have photo, video, evidence.” Click “NO” or you will be kicked out of the system. Then email our Senior Lead Officer, Heather Mata at with your photo evidence. You can also email the Hollywood station at for any non emergency questions. This email is monitored 24 hours a day.

LAPD Non-emergency line 877-ASK-LAPD

Consider purchasing a No Trespassing sign for your property. The Oaks HOA has signs available for $40 cash or check. To purchase a sign email

For the latest Hollywood crime statistics click here:

Security Concerns Still Require Residents' Attention: News
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