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Encampments at Gower Underpass/Carlos Avenue/Bronson Overpass

July 30, 2021

While these areas are technically in Council District 13 (Mitch O’Farrell’s district), the Oaks Board has been communicating with District 13, District 4, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, and L.A. social services for over a year about the encampments which have been growing in size and reporting increased criminal activity. We have repeatedly asked for reports as to how many people have been helped out of the encampments and into supportive or permanent housing, when the Care+ Cleanups will commence, and how the area can be kept under control. We fully believe that the only long-term solution to the homeless crisis is affordable housing and supportive housing, but we continue to insist on action in the immediate-term to remedy the inhumane living conditions and make our streets clean and safe again for residents both housed and unhoused.  In the next two weeks, the members of the HOA’s homelessness task force will be meeting with newly appointed homelessness staff at Council Office 4 and Council Office 13. 
We’ll report back to you on what we learn.

Encampments at Gower Underpass/Carlos Avenue/Bronson Overpass: News
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