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Oaks Filming Guidelines

Please click here to read the Filming Guidelines in pdf

We support the film industry in Los Angeles, and we encourage those involved in film production, when shooting in our residential neighborhood, to recognize their responsibility not unnecessarily to disrupt the lives of those who live here.  While filming in the Oaks, film crew and cast are our neighbors and we expect they will comport themselves as good neighbors.  

The Oaks Neighborhood Special Filming Conditions

The Oaks neighborhood is characterized by very narrow (substandard width), steep, winding streets — almost none of which have sidewalks.  The entire neighborhood is located within a City-designated Very High Fire Severity Zone.  There are few streets that can safely accommodate equipment or cast/crew parking and for that reason the area presents special filming challenges.  The following guidelines have been established to address public safety concerns raised by motion picture production activities and mitigate any negative impacts. 


Caroline Schweich (The Oaks Neighborhood Association)


For all Oaks neighborhood streets:

  • No cast or crew parking is allowed.

  • Production vehicles shall never block emergency access or regular street traffic.

  • Off-site and off-street parking must be arranged by the production company.  

  • Cast and crew must be shuttled to and from the location.

  • Canyon Drive and Fern Dell Drive should not be used for off-site parking.

  • Generators with proper noise shields shall be parked only in front of the location house.

  • Parking in front of a neighbor’s property (in streets with no specific parking restrictions) is allowed only when the neighbor authorizes it

In addition, a great number of streets in the Oaks neighborhood are substandard width (less than 28 feet in width) and so require greater planning and care when used as shoot sites.  A list of those streets appears at the end of this document.

On these substandard-width streets, the following additional rules apply:

  • No trucks larger than flatbeds are allowed

  • Only compact generators, capable of being towed, may be used

  • One street parking space per house must remain available for residents.  

  • Deliveries of equipment should be made off-street to prevent blocking of the street.  

On substandard-width dead-end streets, the following additional rules apply:

  • Only one production vehicle shall be on the street at any given time.  

  • Professional traffic control must be in place at the street entrance during preparation, filming, and wrap to ensure compliance and keep traffic flowing. 


Standard permitted hours are 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

For activity between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and midnight and for activity on weekends and holidays, approval signatures must be obtained from 75% of neighbors within 300 feet of the film location.

We expect production companies to respect the Filmmakers Code of Professional Responsibility that is part of their permit as well as the following good neighbor rules:

  • Film company vehicles should not interfere with gardeners’ activities, trash pick-up, access to residents’ driveways, and street safety. 

  • Sidewalks and streets must be kept clear at all times.

  • Craft services, catering trucks, food preparation tables, and dining tables are not permitted on sidewalks or parkways.

  • Vehicles may not have idle engines running while parked.

  • Lodging of cast and crew at the shooting location is not compliant with Los Angeles City zoning.  A conditional use permit is required for such use.


Affected residents must be notified at least three (3) days in advance of the first day of filming or the first day of any set preparation.  Prep and strike days should be included on the permit and on notice to residents.  Copies of filming permits should be sent to Caroline Schweich at the above email addresses.

A FilmLA Monitor will be assigned to encourage compliance with the permit and conditions.  The Monitor will generally arrive at the designated location one hour prior to the permit start time to note proper arrival time and will remain with the production company during all filming-related activities, and ensure proper departure time.  

Substandard Width Streets:

Tuxedo Terrace
Live Oak Drive East
Briarcliff Road
Hill Oak Drive
Verde Oak Drive
Spreading Oak Drive
Canyon Oak Drive
Mountain Oak Drive
Bronson Hill Drive

Substandard Width Dead-End Streets:

Ponet Drive
Cazaux Drive
Ridge Oak Drive
Alto Oak Drive
Tryon Road
Wild Oak Drive
Green Oak Drive
Mount Beacon Terrace
Park Oak Place
Dell Oak Drive

The preceding guidelines are based on (1) guidelines from other cities and neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, (2) extensive public outreach to Oaks residents, and (3) existing ordinances regulating production access on Oaks substandard-width streets (Mountain Oak Drive in 1991 and Canyon Oak Drive in 1992).

We support the film industry in Los Angeles and we encourage those involved in film and TV production to contact us as early as possible so we can help you anticipate the challenges of filming here.

Oaks Guidelines Revised 12.19.15

Oaks Filming Guidelines: Community Amenities
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