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Protect Your Property – Order Your Oaks No Trespassing Sign Today!

You may have noticed many of these handsome No Trespassing signs around the neighborhood, so now is the time to consider purchasing one for your property.

Custom designed for our neighborhood with a reputable online sign company,, you can now order directly from the company by calling (800) 952-1457 and asking for the No Trespassing sign design from Order Reference# MSS-285918. They will be able to pull up that specific design and process your order, but please note that you will need to call them in order to get that exact design. Approximate cost to order one sign will be about $82 plus tax, but shipping by ground is free.

Please note that you will need to submit an annual registration with the LAPD in order for them to have you on file if you call with a trespasser report. If you are registered with the LAPD, the trespasser can be taken into custody as they violated a posted No Trespassing notification. The form to fill out and register with the LAPD is here: LAPD Trespass Arrest Authorization. Send the completed form to: For those of you who already have a No Trespassing sign, remember that you must re-register with the LAPD annually, so now is a good time to take care of that!



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