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If it’s your hillside, it’s your responsibility

Neighbors have been pointing out a number of dirt hillsides in the Oaks that are tumbling into our streets. This sort of hillside erosion is a serious safety problem as the accumulated dirt and debris piles up on the roadway, reducing the width of the street and forcing motorists into the center in the way of oncoming traffic. Dirt piled in the street also removes the shoulders of the road where pedestrians walk with dogs and strollers and friends.

These eroding hillsides might be at the back of your property where you don’t see them… but they affect the navigability of the streets we all drive on and live on. Remember: the hillside on the front or the backside of your property is your responsibility. It’s not up to the City to keep it clear; it’s up to you.

So please: clear away dirt and plants and rocks that have fallen from your hillside into the street. If this is an ongoing problem, why not consider building a small retaining wall? A two or three-foot-high retaining wall can successfully hold a hillside of dirt where it is and relieve you of a persistent problem.

Please…keep your hillside on the hill, not in the street.



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