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The traffic circle at the intersection of Bronson Avenue and Canyon Drive has finally been completed – even the landscaping is in!

The completion of the circle was delayed after the City handed the Oaks and Bronson Canyon Improvement Fund (the nonprofit that funded the project) an unexpected final bill for permit fees for the construction of the circle in the startling amount of $10,764. Alexander von Wechmar who has spearheaded and overseen the project questioned the charges and let the City know that the nonprofit did not have funds remaining to pay for both the landscaping and such unexpectedly high permit fees.

The new charges brought the total permit fees the City has billed for the project to the impressive amount of $31,264 - more than 50% of the actual construction costs of the circle. Most of the previous charges had been covered by discretionary funds provided by former Councilmembers Tom LaBonge and David Ryu years ago.

Fortunately our current City Councilmember Nithya Raman, following the example of her predecessors, introduced a motion in Council that would allow her to cover the remaining deficit with monies from the City's Street Furniture Improvement Fund (a fund bankrolled by revenue from advertising on sidewalk benches and bus shelters). As a result the last stage of the project -- the landscaping and installation of an irrigation system – was finally able to go forward.

Thank you, Nithya!



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